Express Care Urgent Care, 1650 Dixwell Ave,

Hamden, CT 06514

Save Time! Save Money! Receive Personalized Care!

Express Care Urgent Care walk in medical care Hamden ct is privately owned and operated.  Dr. Chaudhry opened this Urgent Care in response to a need to better serve the residents and businesses in the Hamden. Working at a local hospital Dr. Chaudhry has witnessed first-hand the number of people seeking treatment in the emergency room when their own doctors were closed or overbooked.  Long wait times, high costs and preventing others with life threatening illness or injuries from being seen in a more timely fashion are the result.  Only 20% of the people going to an “ER” need to be there. The other 80% may be treated cheaper, faster and better in an Urgent Care Center!

Who do you treat?

We treat any one with non-life threatening injuries or non-medical conditions from 9 months old to 109 years old!   If you have a regular physician we do not replace them but rather fill the gap for when they may not be available.  Physicians often refer to us for certain procedures that they are unable to provide i.e.; hydration therapies or wound care. Conversely we may refer you to a specialist if you need further care that we cannot provide. A complete list of what we treat may be found on our walk in medical care Hamden ct website or you may call the office.Who will treat me? Express Care Urgent Carecurrently has two board certified physicians, several highly trained physician assistants, x-ray technicians and medical assistants. Our goal is total patient satisfaction.  Our staff will do everything possible to treat and care for you in a professional, kind and compassionate manner. Time will be spent to properly diagnose, treat and discuss your medical situation. In addition we will follow up with you a few days after your visit to see how things are going.

Are you Expensive?

No! In fact we will save you money!  Our fees are similar to that of a regular primary care physician and often cheaper.  In comparison to an ER visit we can be up to three times cheaper. Our deductibles are also lower. We accept most insurance plans including Huskie. Our ‘self-pay’ rates are very affordable as well. Credit cards are accepted.

Will my Primary Care doctor drop me if I go to you?

Absolutely not! In fact we work closely with your primary care physician as to any treatment or recommendations we may make (if you ask to share this info) Many primary care doctors refer to us after their offices have closed.

What if my injury/medical condition is work related?

We work with many local employers and treat workman’s comp injuries and medical conditions walk in medical care Hamden ct. Your employer needs to pre-authorize your visit. We also do DOT and non-DOT drug testing and physicals.

When are you OPEN? How long to get an appointment?

We are open every day from 8:00am-8:00pm even holiday’s. No appointment is ever needed. Our wait times are usually less than 15 minutes.

What do you require to check in?

All patients (except for minors) must present a photo ID along with a valid insurance card (unless self pay) when checking in. For your first visit you will be ask to complete a simple registration form and to read and sign a HIPPA form which protects your rights. Finally we will ask for your co-pay to be paid at the time of visit. We accept credit cards, check and cash.