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Employee drug and alcohol abuse can put your company at safety and financial risk. Many employers, even those not regulated, use Drug Alcohol Screening as a tool to minimize the company’s risk.

To help you meet the regulatory requirements you may have and to help protect your business from the consequences of having employees who abuse drugs or alcohol, Urgent care CT offers a comprehensive set of substance abuse screening and testing services. We can help you design a screening and testing program that is easy to administer and cost-effective.

Express Care Urgent Care can screen new employees pre-placement, randomly test current employees, or test an employee immediately after a worksite accident or injury.

How Express Care Urgent Care benefits your company:

  • Urgent care CT can Rapid response to job applicants increases the odds of your company securing your first choice of candidates.
  • For additional panel testing, negative results are confirmed in 24 hours and delivered electronically to your company.

Drug alcohol screening
Drug alcohol screening | Express Care Urgent Care