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Lyme Disease Diagnostic for Tick Bite | Express Care Urgent Care

Lyme Disease Diagnostic for Tick Bite | Express Care Urgent Care

Posted on July 21st, 2023.

A visit to your local urgent care Hamden Connecticut or even in New Haven Connecticut can quickly turn into a life-saving trip if you're suspicious of a tick bite. 

Lyme disease, if left unchecked, can have serious consequences. 

At Express Care Urgent Care in Hamden, we understand the importance of prompt Lyme disease diagnosis and treatment.

What is Lyme Disease?

Lyme disease is a tick-borne illness that is common in several parts of the United States, including Connecticut. The disease can present a range of symptoms, some of which can be easily mistaken for other conditions. That’s why a trip to your Hamden urgent care, such as Express Urgent Care, can make a significant difference to your health.

Signs and Symptoms of Lyme Disease

Wondering what are the warning signs of Lyme disease? Early symptoms may include fatigue, chills, fever, headache, muscle and joint aches, and swollen lymph nodes. In most cases, the infection can also cause a skin rash, known as erythema migrans, which begins at the site of the tick bite about a week after the bite occurred.

Lyme Disease Diagnostic at Express Urgent Care Hamden

At Express Urgent Care Hamden, our experienced professionals understand the various symptoms of Lyme disease. A prompt diagnosis can be the difference between a quick recovery and long-term health complications. Therefore, if you believe you've been bitten by a tick or if you exhibit any of these symptoms, we urge you to visit our doctor clinic in Hamden.

When to Seek Emergency Care For Lyme Disease

Knowing when to seek emergency care for Lyme disease is crucial. If you live in Hamden or the neighboring New Haven, Connecticut and notice symptoms like severe headaches, heart palpitations, inflammation of the brain and spinal cord, or inflammation of the eyes, visit a nearest urgent care immediately. These are serious symptoms that require immediate medical attention.

The Importance of Occupational Health in Hamden, CT

At Express Urgent Care, we also focus on occupational health in Hamden, CT, and this includes education about Lyme disease, especially for those working outdoors. Prevention, they say, is better than cure, and that's why we believe in the importance of awareness and education.

Pediatric Urgent Care: One Physician's Approach

Lyme disease affects adults and children alike. That's why our pediatric urgent care one physician approach ensures personalized care for your child. We understand that kids require a unique approach, and our specialists provide that.

Express Urgent Care's Lyme Disease Services

Express Urgent Care offers more than just immediate Lyme disease diagnostics. We're a full-service walk-in clinic in Hamden, CT, that caters to various health needs.

Docs Urgent Care Hamden: We're Here For You

At Docs Urgent Care Hamden, our commitment to your health extends beyond Lyme disease diagnostics. We're here for all your urgent care needs, providing top-notch, timely health services in Hamden, CT.

Why Express Care Urgent Care Hamden?

At Express Care Urgent Care Hamden, our goal is to provide swift, quality healthcare for our community. If you suspect you have Lyme disease, don't hesitate to visit us. Our experienced staff are ready to assist and provide the necessary care to get you back to health.


Don't let your tick bite turn into something serious. Lyme disease, when detected early, is highly treatable, and the team at Express Urgent Care Hamden is ready to assist. 

Whether you need a Lyme disease diagnostic or any other urgent care, reach out to us at (203) 288-1700 or via email at [email protected]

Your health is our priority!

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